Reset Your Wireless Router: Why and How

What does it mean to reset the router? Here and there you can read that you need to reset your router. Others say you need to reboot it because of this and that. So, first we have to make clear that resetting and rebooting the router is not the same thing. Reboot router – this … Read more

Find your router IP address: Step-by-step

Normally, the everyday user doesn’t have to know the router IP address. However, if you are worried whether your home network is secure, the default router IP is the first thing you have to know. The default router IP (for example will allow you to login to the router settings and boost your network … Read more

How to secure your router

Not many people think about their home network security until it’s too late. It’s enough to leave your home network unprotected and let anyone in range gain access to it. Before we begin protecting our network we have to say that you will have to login to your router to make all the changes. And … Read more