Find your router IP address: Step-by-step

Normally, the everyday user doesn’t have to know the router IP address. However, if you are worried whether your home network is secure, the default router IP is the first thing you have to know.

The default router IP (for example will allow you to login to the router settings and boost your network security in a few easy steps.

So, let’s find out how you can find your router IP address.

IMPORTANT: In order to do this your device (PC, laptop, tablet or mobile) has to be connected to your network.

How to find the router IP – Windows

One of the easiest ways to find the router IP on Windows machines is by using the Command Prompt.

The following examples will be presented on a Windows 8.1 machine.

Launch the Command prompt.

Press the Windows key and then the letter R. This will open the Search app where you can type CMD. Then click OK and the Command prompt will open.

type CMD to launch the Command Prompt

Now type “ipconfig” without quotes and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Scroll down for Default gateway.. default Gateway

That is the default router IP. In this case it’s

Find the router IP – Linux

Linux users have to launch their Terminal first. The simplest way to do this is to press the following keyboard keys.

Ctrl + Alt + T

When the terminal opens type:

route –n or netstat –r

These commands will reveal the default router IP address.

linux gateway

How to find the default IP – Mac OS X

Finding the router IP on Mac OS X is also easy using the Terminal app.

To do this we can launch the Spotlight Search. To launch it we will use the keyboard again.

Press the Space bar and Command key at the same time. When Spotlight Search appears type Terminal. This will launch the icon

Now type this command to see the router IP.

netstat -nr | grep default

How to find the router IP – iOS

Finding the router IP address on your iPhone or iPad is just a few taps away.

Tap the Settings icon and then Wi-Fi.

the settings icon on iOS

Then tap on the Network name.

The default IP is listed next to Router.

router IP on iOS

Find the router IP – Android

To find the router IP on your Android phone follow these steps.

Tap on the Settings icon, and then tap on Wi-Fi.

Tap on your Network name and then long press the Manage network settings.

Tap to check the Show advanced options box.

Tap and change the IP settings from DHCP to Static.

the router IP on Android phone

The router IP is listed as Gateway


Now, when you have found the router IP, launch your preferred browser and type or another IP depending on your results in the address bar.

After you press the Enter button the router login window should appear. Now enter the default username and password if you haven’t changed them before and you can start securing your router.

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